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A Short Guide To Outstaffing in the IT Industry


The market is going crazy: companies compete, and developers want high salaries, remote work, and stability. As a result, the popularity of outstaffing – “renting” a specialist by a company – is growing.

What Is Outstaffing and How Body Leasing Helps

The company’s personnel shortage is growing. Searching for specialists takes a long time: two months to close a vacancy is a good result. Both parties want the same thing: to fight less with HR processes and finally start doing work. At SECL Group, we are always ready to help with Body Leasing and help companies select the best IT developers. And that’s where outstaffing comes in.

What Is Outstaffing?

In essence, this is the “rent” of a specialist: the company connects a person to work on a project without including the staff. At the same time, the specialist formally remains in the team of the other company.

The topic of outstaffing is rather popular nowadays. This model was invented in the 1970s. While remaining in the staff of one company, the specialist de facto works in another. The attitude to outstaffing has changed like a spiral: admire the new work scheme and completely prohibit it. In the post-pandemic 2020s, it turned out that this model is needed for the IT market.

Working as an outsourcer, the IT specialist receives:

  • Work on his conditions in a large corporation;
  • Payment for the arrangement of the workplace at home;
  • Only the significant corporate benefits: for example, insurance;
  • Long-term contracts for a year;
  • No negotiations with HRs, dozens of interviews, documents, and other annoying things.

The idea of outstaffing has also infected many large companies. The pandemic blurred the borders, and the teams became multinational.

How Outstaffing Works:

  1. The remote hiring platform concludes contracts with IT companies and individual developers who feel uncomfortable in the existing market.
  2. Finds the most suitable projects for them from corporate clients.
  3. Takes charge of negotiations, legal registration, and all HR processes.
  4. As a result, the developer may not freelance but work for severe employers – large banks and corporations. All this while sitting at home, on long-term projects, receiving a good salary, but not delving into obsessive corporate features.

Who Needs Body Leasing and Why?

Why rent specialists when you can hire them? Yes, a full-time specialist is sometimes better than a remote one, but this is only sometimes the case. What if you need to launch a startup? The development can take only 3-6 months. Otherwise, you will only hire people if the startup works. Also, many large companies cannot quickly increase the staffing load for an unplanned project because the project has grown and requires new specialists.

Some clients choose between full-time specialists and contractors but choose the middle in the form of hired specialists who work like full-time specialists but have many advantages.

Why Is Outstaffing Profitable?

IT outstaffing may turn out to be more profitable and convenient than hiring a staff of IT specialists and purchasing technical equipment at once for many reasons:

Quality and Speed

Your equipment will be serviced by a team of high-level specialists who constantly improve their qualifications. Working with hundreds of pieces of equipment daily, competent specialists have developed many practical solutions for typical tasks. Thanks to this, the time to eliminate malfunctions is reduced to a minimum.


An internal employee of the company may get sick, go on vacation, not be able to cope with the volume of work, etc. Hired specialists are always in touch and ready to help as soon as possible.

Material and Technical Base

The software, tools, and devices necessary for the fastest possible diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions are always with a hired IT developer.

Cost Reduction

Computer maintenance by hired specialists costs less because you do not need to maintain additional jobs, pay salaries, monitor the quality of work, and how efficiently time is used.

Quality Guarantees

The agreement regulates the interaction process between your company and a specialist. Any deviations from it lead to monetary fines for the performer. That is why hired people do their work with the highest possible quality.

Many Tasks – One Contractor

One contract. One responsible agent. More order in documents, fewer papers, less gloom with the search for spare parts and consumables, more transparent control, and easier accounting life.

Who Rents IT Specialists

1. Outsourcing companies

These are companies that specialize in growing and leasing specialists. Usually, all processes for hiring specialists are verified and refined, specialists’ expertise and their level are confirmed, and there is a description of the grades. For example, more than 70% of our specialists are leased.

2. Agencies, studios, etc.

Companies whose central direction is web development, website promotion, or advertising, but at the moment, they have a specialist they can rent out. The cost of such companies is slightly lower than that of outsourcing companies because the business processes of hiring specialists work less efficiently.

Why Are The Companies Afraid of Hired Staff?

1. The specialist will get access to confidential information

Such risks are more applicable to full-time employees since it is challenging to protect against data leakage, and if it happens, the employee is unlikely to be punished. If confidential information leaks due to the partner’s fault, it is fraught with a hefty fine, which is very easy to obtain from a legal entity.

2. The company will not be able to control the specialist as a full-time employee

It all depends not on the type of specialist but on how qualified the manager conducts the project and the specialist. In most cases, the specialist has a list of tasks, for example, for 1 or 2 weeks. Your manager, together with the specialist, determines the deadlines and fixes them in a sprint, so it is fine when the specialist performs the assigned tasks.

The main thing is that he does them in the allotted time. In the case of operational (hot) technical support, his work schedule is negotiated with the specialist so that he is always in touch.

3. Non-compliance of the specialist with the declared level

For the specialist to best meet your requirements, we recommend interviewing or getting to know the specialist before hiring him. During the meeting, you can tell the specialist about the project, and the specialist will share his knowledge.

The market is saturated and diverse. Different people are good IT specialists or want to rent or hire them to fulfill one task. Outstaffing is becoming a trend, and this process cannot be stopped.

Finding the Best Online Stock Trading Site


Choosing the best online stock trading platform is essential for investors of all levels. A top-rated site will offer a diversified portfolio that matches the investor’s goals. In this article, you’ll learn how to find the right platform for your needs. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned veteran, there’s a great website that’s right for you. Below, we’ll highlight some of the most popular sites.

Available and responsive

The first thing to look for is the support. While many platforms claim to offer free support, some have a high response time. The best way to contact a customer service representative is through live chat or via an online support ticket. Some sites even have telephone support, but these aren’t as popular. While some websites promise free help, you might not be able to get an immediate reply. For that reason, you need to make sure the customer service team is readily available and responsive.

Payment Procedure

Payment options. Some sites are able to accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, but if you don’t, you’ll probably have to pay a higher commission. Additional features. You can also use stop-loss orders, which let you trade when the underlying price matches your limit. These are great ways to limit your losses and maximize your opportunities. Once you’ve made the decision to use an online stock trading platform, make sure you’re familiar with its features.

Online stock trading platform

Tools. A good online stock trading platform should offer you research tools and a mobile app. A full-service broker will have advanced features that other providers lack. There are also lots of research tools and educational materials. It’s essential to choose a provider that allows you to set up alerts so that you can keep an eye on the markets. A good example is the Sarkari Yojana 2023 which provides latest online information about the government schemes.The financial markets can be fast-paced, so choosing a site that offers these tools can help you improve your overall investing experience.

Payment. When choosing an online stock trading platform, you should always consider the amount of money you want to deposit and withdraw. Most trading platforms accept personal bank account transfers. However, some only allow payments through e-wallets. Those with credit cards should choose a platform that allows debit/credit card payments. These methods are almost always instant. A good trading platform will offer both services. The more flexible a company is, the better.

Easy to use

The cost. Online stock trading platforms can be expensive. Most people cannot afford the monthly fees and need to make sure that they can afford them. Most of these sites charge very little and offer free demo accounts. They’re also easy to use. Using one of these sites is an excellent way to learn about the markets and the different types of stocks. The main drawbacks are small fees and low fees. This is why some investors have to be careful in choosing an online stock trading platform.

Payment options. There are many options for payment. Some sites accept Visa, MasterCard, and e-wallets. Others have only email support or Online trading support ticket systems. Some of these sites offer customer support only via email or e-mail, but it can take days to receive a response. A live chat or telephone option is an excellent option for most people. You can also use the e-wallet to pay for the service.

Online stock trading sites

Customer service. There are many different online stock trading sites. Some of these firms offer customer service options. Some of them do not provide financial advice or investment recommendations. They do not offer advice, but they can give you information about stocks and the market. Having access to a great site is important. It’s important to find one that offers the best support. With these, you can be confident that you’re doing business with a top-rated online stock trading site.


The security of your funds is important. When you’re investing your money, you’ll want to trust your trading platform to keep your capital safe. You should also check out the security measures and other features of the website you’re considering. A safe and secure platform will keep your money. Choosing the right trading platform is crucial to your financial success. You should also check out the user’s reviews and feedback on each platform.


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